I felt like this was the perfect introduction to a retreat environment for me! There was a great balance between practice and play throughout
the week, with attentive and positive support from teachers and the group alike. The easy-going attitude with the endless support allowed me
to de-stress and focus wholeheartedly on my-own practice. I deepened my understanding of so many different technical aspects and
alignment of yoga postures. This has given me a lot more confidence in my regular yoga classes. A huge amount of gratitude goes out to Zoe
Trenwith and Katie Hudson for creating a truly wonderful experience for our little yogi ohana


‘This was a fantastic retreat, I learnt a lot about the technical aspects of yoga and how it related to my practice. The structure was great with
plenty of time for activites and the location was perfect. Will definitely be joining Katie and Zoe for the next one.’


The retreat was great. It had just the right balance between yoga practice, local activities, and free time. Nusa Lembongan was a lovely island
and the people so friendly. Our fellow retreaters were great and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the week with a bunch of caring, supportive
and fun people. Loved the snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding (so proud I stood up and actually did yoga on a paddle board in the
water!). I very much liked the inclusion of activities that brought awareness to local environmental issues and how we as visitors need to be
conscious of the impact of our actions when travelling. Zoe and Katie are to be congratulated for the professionalism and fun they brought to
the retreat. I thoroughly recommend it.